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WhatsApp has started rolling out the important call-waiting features for the Android app. With the help of this feature, while making WhatsApp calls, the user will get an alert when another WhatsApp call comes, as well as the message of the user who is making the call will be busy. In this, the user gets two types of facilities. Either he will be able to call the call or cut the first call and talk to the second call. It is worth noting that in this, the user does not get the facility to hold the call, that is, the user will not be able to make group calling through this feature. Last month it was rolled out for iPhone users, now it is also being released for Android users.
Will work in beta and stable versions
Android users will be able to use it with new updates of WhatsApp. It will work in both the stable version with the beta version of WhatsApp. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Earlier, the report said that as soon as the Android user receives another call in the middle of a WhatsApp call, the call will be automatically disconnected and after the first call is over, the notification of the missed call will reach the user but according to the new update, the user Now will have the facility of declining and call acceptance.
Call hold facility will not be available
In other regular networks, where call holding is available, this feature will not be available in the call waiting feature of WhatsApp. To talk on the second call, the user has to cut the first call. With the new update, the app will also feature two important features like group privacy settings and fingerprint support. All these main features can be used in the Stable app with version 2.19.352 and beta version 2.19.357 or 2.19.358. Its stable build can be downloaded from APK Mirror if the update is not found.
Make changes like this
To use the Group Settings feature in the updated version, one has to go to Account-> Privacy-> Groups. 

Whatsapp is good news for users. The company has completely changed its app and has released a lot of great features for the users with it. However, a new Android beta update has been released for Whatsapp users. In this new update, now users will also be able to automatically delete messages. Not only this, but they can also set the time for their deletion. In WhatsApp, this feature is named Delete Messages.
Users can not use this new feature of WhatsApp as it is still in the testing phase. WABetaInfo, a website tracking WhatsApp updates, has also shared screenshots of this feature. In the latest beta update, this feature can also be seen with Dark Mode.
Now the new beta update is being rolled out from WhatsApp version number 2.19.348 soon. This update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This feature is provided in the contact info or group setting and can only be enabled by admin. However, as we mentioned earlier, this feature is still in the developing phase, so users cannot see it even after downloading the latest beta update.
With the new delete message feature in WhatsApp, users can set the time when a message is automatically deleted. Users are given 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1-year option to delete the message by themselves. Not only this but this feature will also work with Dark Mode.

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