This special feature came in Google Maps for iPhone users

If you use Google Maps, a new feature is coming for you. This feature will be especially liked by those who like privacy. This feature was first announced by Google during its developer conference Google I / O.
This feature has already been released for Android users. Now it is also being released for iOS users. After incognito mode comes in Google Maps, now users will be able to use it just like Chrome's incognito mode.
Let me tell you that Incognito mode is already there in Google Chrome. Using the Incognito Mode given in Google Maps will not save your location history. Although the location details will go on Google's server, according to this history, you will not get any notifications nor will the location information be saved in your Gmail account.
To use Incognito Mode in iOS's Google Maps, tap on your profile photo in the search bar and select Turn on incognito mode.
Significantly, this incognito mode of Google is not only in Chrome, but this option is available for YouTube. The company brought this feature to YouTube only last year. If you use an iPhone, then you update your Google Maps app. If you still do not get this feature, then you can wait for some time.

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