This community banned pre-wedding videos and photo shoots

new Delhi. Members of Gujarati, Jain, and Sindhi communities in Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal will not be able to get pre-wedding videos and photoshoots before weddings. Regarding this, the Panchayats of the three communities have issued a decree. At the same time, it has also threatened in words that those who do not follow this decree will be boycotted.
The Jain community panchayat has also banned the involvement of male choreographers to teach dance in wedding ceremonies. According to Sanjay Patel, who describes himself as the president of the Bhopal Gujarat community, a circular related to the ban on pre-wedding videos and photoshoots and the prohibition on the entry of male choreographers into 'ladies music' during weddings has been issued. Sanjay Patel described himself as the secretary of the national unit of his organization.
According to media reports, Patel said, the community has decided to ban such activities, as it is seen that many marriages break up even before they exist. This is a collective decision and those who do not follow it will be boycotted from the community.
The Sindhi community has also passed a similar proposal. Bhagwan Das Israni, president of the Bhopal Sindhi community, said, "We have passed the proposal of a ban on pre-wedding videos and photoshoots. Members of the community will be made aware of this decision through a circular. Circular is being prepared.
It has been decided by the Gujarati Samaj Executive that there will be no pre-wedding shoots and choreography at Bhopal weddings. The society has banned it completely. President of Bhopal Gujarat Samaj and National General Secretary of Gujarati Samaj, Sanjay Patel said that it has been decided by the Gujarati Samaj Executive that the pre-wedding shoots that are being shot should be stopped.
He said that by issuing a circular, the society is awakening consciousness, which is being the entry of choreographer in the name of female music. To stop that too, we will request the members of the society that during the program, members of the society or women belong to the family, the same should be done for this program, it would be appropriate. We have taken this decision to stop it.
He said that this decision has been appreciated by all the members. Those who do not agree, they can be isolated from society, will be boycotted. Sanjay Patel said that besides being Bhopal district president, I am the national general secretary of Gujarati society. It will be my endeavor that Gujarati society in the whole country accept this.
At the same time, Jain Samaj Panchayat of Rajdhani Bhopal has banned women dancing in pre-wedding shoots, choreography, and procession. Jain society president Pramod Himanshu Jain said that his gurus had taken objection to this and advised him to stop calling it vulgar. The society's panchayat has decided to stop the implementation. Now in a wedding of Jain society neither pre-wedding shoot will take place nor in marriage, a family will call any outside person to teach dance and neither woman will dance in the processions. This decision is for all the people of society.
On the other hand, the President of Sindhi Panchayat and retired IAS Bhagwan Dev Israni says that we have also prepared a proposal to ban. Which will be kept in the next panchayat meeting. It has been seen many times that after a pre-wedding shoot the marriage breaks down and the whole family in the society has to face embarrassment.
Panchayats may have heard this decision, but the youth are opposing this decision. Young girls say that they have the freedom to do what they want in their marriage. Banning is wrong. If a ban is to be imposed, it should be imposed on taking and asking for dowry. With such a decree, the country will go backward instead of moving forward.

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