SBI's big alert: Your account is being hacked while charging mobile

In today's time, everyone's dependence on phones has increased so much that it seems impossible to spend even a few hours without a phone call. This is the reason that everyone ends up trying to charge the phone as soon as the phone ends.
Many times there is a need to charge the phone at the airport, railway station, train or hotel. But, it is also possible that all the data of your phone can be hacked after a few minutes of charging the phone.
To avoid a similar crisis, State Bank of India has cautioned people in a tweet. The bank said that before charging the phone in any public place charging station, think twice. It can also happen that the data of your phone is there in a few minutes.
Think twice before you plug in your phone at charging stations. Malware could find a way in and infect your phone, giving hackers a way to steal your passwords and export your data.#SBI #Malware #CyberAttack #CustomerAwareness #Cybercrime #SafeBanking #JuiceJacking
- State Bank of India (@TheOfficialSBI)

SBI wrote in a tweet, 'Think twice before putting your phone in the charging station anywhere. This can also happen due to malware, the risk of your phone data may increase. You can give hackers a chance to export your passwords and data. The bank has advised customers not to charge their phones at any charging station.
What is juice hacking?
It is a kind of cyber attack that works with the help of the charging port of the phone. Please tell that usually in almost all phones, the charging port can also be used as a data connection and USB. With the help of this, hackers can install the malware in your phone or copy data from your phone.
SBI has also given some tips to the customers to avoid this, about which we are giving you the information below.
1. Check first about the electric socket at the charging station.
2. Carry your own charging cable.
3. Always charge the phone with the help of a direct electric outlet.
4. If possible, use your best portable battery charger.

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