Good News: Gold prices rocket for the fourth consecutive day, fastest known today's price

Gold prices fall for the third consecutive day. Gold prices fell by Rs 95 to Rs 10 in the Delhi gold and silver market on Monday. While silver prices (Silver Prices Today) have risen. One kilogram of silver cost Rs. A decrease of 128 was observed.
According to HDFC Securities, on Tuesday, the Indian rupee (American Rupee) remained strong against the US dollar and the selling price in the global market fell. Besides, the demand for gold has also seen sluggishness in the market which has led to a decline.
Gold Prices: Gold on Monday rose to Rs 38,460 per 10 grams in the Delhi Gold and Silver market. In the international market, gold was trading at $ 1463 an ounce and silver at $ 16.62 an ounce.
 Silver Price: One kilogram of silver in the Delhi market fell by Rs 44,735 to Rs 44,607. Price per kg is Rs. 128 rupees were spoken.
 Why gold got cheaper ?: Tapan Patel, senior analyst (commodities) at HDFC Securities, says the rupee has strengthened against the dollar. The strong trend in the rupee is affecting gold prices. Besides, domestic demand for gold has also declined.
 According to government data in the US, jobs were sold in gold due to increased employment opportunities and unemployment rates. In addition, the prospect of a trade deal between the United States and China has kept the pressure on gold prices.
Good news for those who buy gold at festivals. On the first day of the week, there was a significant drop in gold prices today.
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Gold price in Delhi has fallen by Rs 240 in the country's capital, Delhi. At the same time, one kilo of silver has become cheaper at Rs 775 (Silver Price Today). According to experts, gold prices have softened due to weak prices in the international market.
The impact of the international market
At the bullion market on Monday, gold prices fell by Rs. 240 reduced to Rs 38,530 which is 10 grams. At the same time, gold was trading at Rs 38,770 per 10 grams in the Delhi bullion market on Saturday. In the international market, New York, gold fell to $ 1,487.15 an ounce and silver also dropped to $ 17.24 an ounce.
Silver also became cheaper
Like gold, silver has fallen. In Delhi, the price of one kilogram of silver has come down from Rs 46,480 to Rs 45,705 on demand from the industry.
The reason behind the decline in gold and silver
HDFC Securities analyst says the softening of gold prices in the international market had an impact on the domestic market.
Why pure gold prices are different in each city?
The gold you buy from jewelers is worth the place. Bullion Association members of most cities set prices when the market opens.

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