any important work now you won't forget, remember Whatsapp will provide this way

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has a new feature. This feature is a bit different and WhatsApp has partnered with a third-party app for this. In fact, this is a reminder feature.
WhatsApp has partnered with is a reminder app and has written in its blogpost that's WhatsApp reminder integration is starting. You can create a reminder just as long as it's inside the WhatsApp app.
 The feature of this feature would be to give you a session to set a bot reminder of if you want to fix a meeting or plan to go somewhere during conversion.
 note that this feature can only be used by users who are premium members of There are two ways you can use this feature. You can use it by visiting or by going to the app.
 You can tap this feature on Integration-WhatsApp by going to WhatsApp settings. Here is to add a phone number and click Send. Like a text message, you will receive this six-digit code and confirm it by typing. From here you can set a reminder to start a task by turning on the reminder.
WhatsApp introduces biometric authentication for Android smartphones. Earlier this feature was offered for iOS. Where users get the option to secure Face ID WhatsApp. Not only Face ID but also iPhone which has Touch ID, this feature was given earlier.
WhatsApp has said that in those Android smartphones, where fingerprint scanners are provided, users will be able to lock WhatsApp through fingerprint scanners. You have to do it yourself. You can update your WhatsApp app
WhatsApp states in its official blogpost that earlier this year, the company supported Touch ID and Face ID for the iPhone to give users an extra level of security. Equal authentication is now being introduced for Android smartphones. This way Android users can set a fingerprint lock

Open WhatsApp and tap on Settings, then select the account here. The Fingerprint Lock option will be available in the Privacy option. From here you can turn it on and confirm. After that, fingerprint authentication will be required to open WhatsApp.
Notably, there are many types of third-party apps available in Android, through which people lock WhatsApp and other apps. Following the introduction of this new WhatsApp feature, smartphone users with a fingerprint scanner will no longer need to use a third-party app.
If you haven't received the update for WhatsApp, wait a while.

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