The worst in America

- Los Angeles: Four gunmen killed in August fire, Los Angeles: Gun culture has been the worst in the United States. Four people have been killed after firefighters opened fire on a football field outside a home on Sunday in Fresno, California. Six others were injured. Fresno deputy police chief Michael Reid told reporters that around 35 people were watching the game of football at the time, and three viewers died on the spot in the early hours of the shootout. Six of the injured were not life-threatening and the victims were all between 25 and 35 years old. He said it is not yet known how many firefighters were involved in the shooting.
Three killed in Oklahoma

Three people were killed in a gunfight in Duncan, Oklahoma. The shooting happened Monday morning at the Walmart store complex in the town, and a Duncan police officer said that the dead man was also present. Local schools have been temporarily closed following the incident, officials said.

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