The price of the heavily-laundered gold

The price of toddlers has gone down. Gold fell for the second day in a row. In the last two months, Pega has fallen to Rs. The price of gold has been falling in recent years. On the other hand, the price of silver is also falling. Ten grams and 24 carats of gold ... which has crossed the 40 thousand rupee mark last September ... has now fallen to the level of Rs 38,000. Also, a ten gram 22 carat cow is 34 thousand 900 rupees. Investments are turning from gold to equity markets as signs of a trade war between the US and China begin.

This is leading to a fall in the price of gold. At present, the price of gold in the international market is 14 hundred 67 rupees. Coupled with the weakening trend internationally, demand for domestically driven jewelry merchants and consumers is declining. The price of silver is also falling heavily. 44 kg of silver at present.

Also, in the international market, silver is under $ 17. Gold and silver prices also fell in the futures market. There seems to be some more ongoing signs this fall.

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