Reduced gold and silver prices and a decrease of Rs 2,000 since then

Gold and silver prices fell marginally on Tuesday. Due to various international and national developments in the US - China trade negotiations developments, jewelers and buyers, demand has slowed down. MCX Gold's December futures fell 0.15 per cent to Rs 38,170. MCX Silver December futures were down 0.12 per cent at Rs 44,630. It is now down by Rs 2,000 compared to September's record high of Rs 40,000.

The price of 24 carats of gold in the Hyderabad market is over Rs 39,500. The price of 22 carats of 10 grams of gold also fell slightly. Reduced nearly Rs 100. The price of silver has been reduced to Rs. The price of spot gold in the international market is $ 1,467 per ounce.

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In the Delhi market, the price of 24 carat ten grams of gold declined by Rs. Domestic demand has slowed as demand from industry units and coin makers slowed.

Gold prices were down marginally on Monday. MCX Gold (December) futures fell 0.18 per cent to Rs 37,929 and MCX Silver (December) futures fell 0.46 per cent to Rs 44,241. The price of gold has been falling slightly since the last ten sessions. On October 27, the Gold Spot (10 grams) was at Rs 38,630 and the Gold Future (10 grams) was Rs 38289. Since then it has been reduced to around Rs. In Hyderabad today (November 18), gold of 10 grams and 24 carats was valued at Rs 39,300.

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