Malam Museum: More than a thousand visitors visit the site daily

What is the 'stool' museum in the title? That will surprise many. But, of course, there is such a museum.

The "world's first stool museum" was recently opened in Japan. But, do not hate it. The ones here are not real human waste.

The museum is located in Tokyo, the Japanese capital. It is called 'The Unko Museum'.

There are colorful 'flower' stools that make fun of everyone.

Many people come to visit the museum. Most of them are children. Everyone is taking photos with poop toys.

In front of a microphone in the museum, the image of the stool is so large that it screams "Unko" in Japanese.

Aami Tashiro, a spokesman for Akatsuki, said: "Usually, feces are seen as filthy and stinky. Everyone who comes to the museum is happy with their experience."

The Poop Museum has been set up to provide entertainment and entertainment that no one else has yet.

More than a thousand people visit the museum on a regular basis.

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